Lower the cost and environmental footprint of your industrial kitchen 

It is common to think mostly in purchase price when investing in appliances for kitchens in restaurants, institutions, and private companies.​

But the purchase price only account for about 5% of the total costs in an industrial kitchen.

With consultant advice from Nina Fisker Consult, we can go through your kitchen's total costs based on these factors:

  • Possibility for operational savings in the use of electricity, water, chemicals and work hours

  • Diminish the CO2-emission

  • Possibilities for subsidies from energy companies

We can potentially make recommendations for the substitution of appliances, more effective use of the current kitchen and give you precise calculations of how your operational costs will diminish. Appliances that are economical and energy saving are almost assuredly also of a higher quality. We can also give recommendations on improvements of security and work procedures.

See under Our services what kinds of consultant work and counselling we offer.

Call us to hear more about our services


Call us to hear more about our services

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Save money

Energy-saving appliances can save a LOT of money in daily use

We'll help you find the best solutions in the jungle of miscellaneous options, with regard to you unique needs.

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Help the environment

When you save on electricity and water, you are improving your environmental footprint.​

We can help you find the greenest solutions, based on a total evaluation of your current setup. 

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Better appliances give better results

Intelligent appliances, like programmable ovens, are not just cheaper i total costs and better for the environment - they improve the quality of the final product and contribute to better working procedures in the kitchen.

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